Phukao Plastwood with advice and knowledge from the guru


Phukao Plaswood with advice and knowledge from the guru

Plastwood is a unique alternative to traditional wood. It is made from premium uPVC plastic pellets and processed using modern Celuka technology from Germany and Austria. This results in a Plastwood product that is resistant to acid, alkali, and heat, as well as sound insulating, lightweight, strong, durable, and immune to decay, swelling, fire, termites, insects, and fungi. Additionally, Plastwood has excellent weathering resistance on its surface without requiring film coating, so there is no concern for peeling film. It can be used without any limitations.

Phukao Plastwood with sawing and drilling work

  • Cutting hand saw suitable for all three models of plasterboard – Celuka, ExFoam, and DecaFoam. Equipped with straight teeth for easy cutting.

พลาสวูดตราภูเขา กับข้อแนะนำและเรื่องน่ารู้ จากกูรู 3

  • The circular saw is ideal for making straight and longitudinal cuts, resulting in a clean cut surface. For best results, it is recommended to use a saw blade with short teeth and low rotation, with inward concave teeth that turn in the opposite direction and have cooling grooves. When using Carbide Tipped Saw Blades, the cutting surface will be even cleaner and more precise. These saws are typically used for working with wood and plastic.

พลาสวูดตราภูเขา กับข้อแนะนำและเรื่องน่ารู้ จากกูรู 2

  • For best results, an optimal twist drill angle of 30 degrees should be used along with an appropriate drilling speed, depending on the depth of the holes and the thickness of the material being drilled. It is recommended to use a drill specifically designed for plastic work.

พลาสวูดตราภูเขา กับข้อแนะนำและเรื่องน่ารู้ จากกูรู 1

Mountain Plastwood with color decoration (Color Decoration)

  1. For exterior use, it is recommended to use car acrylic paint or polyurethane paint of any brand as they can withstand the environment longer than other types of paint. Gloss enamel or fast-drying paint can also be used, but the color may fade and the gloss may decrease over time.
  2. For interior use, acrylic paint or lower-quality paints like PVC enamel or epoxy enamel can be used. However, these paints are not resistant to weather conditions and are suitable for internal use only.
  3. When spray painting the plastic sheet, it is recommended to apply two thin layers of paint, with the first layer acting as a foundation. Allow the paint to dry before applying the second layer.
  4. To coat the surface of the plastwood sheet, ensure that it is clean, dry, and free from dust and oil stains. Use sandpaper to scrub the surface of the sheet in the area to be coated, and then clean it using a white cloth soaked in thinner. This will help the coating stick more tightly.

Storing and Moving Plastwood

Take special care when handling both surfaces of the material to avoid slipping or dragging on hard floors, especially in areas with grains of sand. Avoid dropping the material from a height, as it can damage the plastic sheet’s surface. When lifting the sheet, lift it vertically one by one, and avoid using a wire rope to fasten the plate and lift it.

Maintaining the plastwood sheet during use

Once the installation process is finished, the material can be cleaned using water, a soft brush, or a scrubber, followed by blowing away any dust or debris with air. During the process of pouring concrete, one should be cautious not to hit the plate or drag the steel on it. If using a vibrator, it should be done carefully to avoid touching the surface of the plate. It is important to handle both surfaces of the material with care, avoiding slipping or dragging it on hard floors, especially in areas with sand grains, or dropping it from a height, as these may damage the surface of the plastic sheet. Additionally, lifting the sheet should be done vertically one by one, avoiding using a wire rope to fasten the plate and lift it.

uPVC plastwood sheet against fire

PVC or uPVC is a widely used plastic material in construction, which is used for making water pipes, conduits, doors, windows, and clear sheets that allow light to pass through. uPVC is highly preferred in construction due to its cost-effectiveness and several other remarkable properties, such as weather resistance, water resistance, and low maintenance. Moreover, one of the most critical factors for construction applications is its reaction to fire, smoke, and gas during combustion.

uPVC is a material that is difficult to ignite as it requires a high temperature of up to 390◦C for hardening. This temperature is much higher than the temperature required for igniting wood, which is 150◦C (wood ignites at around 240◦C).

Consider purchasing high-quality mountain brand Plastwood sheets directly from the factory for a long-lasting home. Choosing reliable building materials, such as those from the Thai Plastwood Company, can create a happy and secure living environment for your family. With features such as strength, durability, fire-resistance, and environmental conservation, these sheets are a great choice for your construction needs.

แผ่นพลาสวูด uPVC กับการเกิดไฟ

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