Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl Flooring - Quality guaranteed for 10 years l Phukao

Every sheet has a 10-year warranty, with easy ordering and fast delivery across Thailand.

Attractive, quiet, easy, and durable, lasting over 10 years.

Thailand Plastwood Co., Ltd. offers vinyl flooring that provides both beauty and durability for the interior and exterior of your building. Using advanced manufacturing technology from Germany, the product is of high quality and can last for over 10 years, making it a worthwhile investment for your home.

The vinyl flooring is easy to use and reliable, giving you confidence in the value of your investment. By choosing a product from Thailand Plastwood Co., Ltd., you can trust the company’s experience and expertise in producing high-quality vinyl flooring.

If you are looking for vinyl flooring that is suitable for your home and garden, don’t forget to consider the products of Thailand Plastwood Co., Ltd. Not only will you receive beauty and durability in use, but also the ability to build a strong and modern home with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology from Germany.

Examples of products

Features of various models of vinyl flooring

Plastex (Wood) flooring VF20 is designed with a tongue-and-groove system for easy and beautiful installation. The brown color adds warmth to the space. It comes in a width of 200 mm, thickness of 32 mm, and a variety of lengths to choose from: 4000 mm, 5000 mm, and 6000 mm. Plastex (Wood) flooring is suitable for use in homes and buildings that require both beauty and durability.

  • Interlocking system: Makes installation easy and fast
  • The brown color adds warmth to the working area.
  • The width is 200 mm and thickness is 32 mm.
  • The length varies in 3 options: 4000 mm, 5000 mm, and 6000 mm.
  • Suitable for use in homes and buildings that require beauty and durability.

Plastex (Line) flooring, product code WH10, is an attractive and durable option for those looking for flooring solutions for their space. It features a tongue and groove system that allows for easy and quick installation. The ribbed surface adds beauty to the flooring, and the dark brown color adds warmth to the space. It comes in a variety of widths, including 100mm and 200mm, with a standard thickness of 32mm and lengths ranging from 4000mm to 6000mm. Plastex (Line) is a great choice for various types of spaces.

  • Interlocking system: Makes installation easy and fast
  • Grooved surface: Adds beauty and interest to the flooring
  • Colors: Available in two colors, dark brown and brown
  • Width: Comes in two sizes, 100 mm and 200 mm
  • Thickness: Standard thickness of the product is 32 mm
  • Length: Available in a variety of lengths, including 4000 mm, 5000 mm, and 6000 mm, making Plastex (Line) a great choice for different types of spaces.

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